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The Salts Division has several salt deposits. The most important are Las Salinas de Huacho (Lima) and Las Salinas de Otuma ( Ica ).

At Las Salinas de Huacho, some 130 km north of Lima, salt is obtained through solar evaporation. It is a perennial reserve, over which lie more than 180 hectares of crystallizers.

In this deposit QUIMPAC produces salt for its chemical processes and salt refining operations and the EMSAL plant produces and packages salt for industrial uses and human consumption, totaling around 400,000 MT of salt a year.

In Las Salinas de Otuma, located 280 km south of Lima in the department of Ica, QUIMPAC processes salt by solar evaporation and conducts a mining operation which produces rock salt or gem salt. Both salts are used for deicing of road ways in the United States and Canada.

Huacho brine pods

In the Oquendo plant (Lima), QUIMPAC has a salt refinery in which, after submitting the raw material to a washing purification, centrifugation and a subsequent high-temperature drying process, several different kinds of salt for industrial usage and human consumption are obtained. The specifications meet the strict demands to the industry and the domestic and export markets.

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