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QUIMPAC Chemical Division
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The Chemical Division is based in the Oquendo and the Paramonga plants

The Oquendo plant produces caustic soda and chlorine, and from them a variety of derived products with a wide and increasing range of applications in the most important domestic and foreign industries. The process used is brine electrolysis, using as raw materials the salt from our own brine pits and electric power.

Dicalcium Phosphate plant also operates in Oquendo. This compound is used as a food supplement for poultry, pigs and bovines and is produced using phosphate rock and high-purity hydrochloric acid. The product, Phosbic, is exported to several Latin American countries.

Paramonga chemical plant, located 210 km from Lima, started operations in February 1998. Here, caustic soda, chlorine and their derivatives are produced. The process, brine electrolysis, takes place in a plant similar to Oquendo.

Soda Chlorine Plant
Oquendo. Lima
Dicalcium Phosphate Plant
Oquendo. Lima
Alkalis Plant
Paramonga. Lima

Caustic soda derivatives: liquid caustic soda, solid caustic soda
Dicalcium phosphate