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Central Fax
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Raw material, input and packaging.



Pipe welding accessories SCH 40 and SCH 80.
Pneumatic devices and accessories.
Chains, Sprockets and accessories.
Sealed and split bearing.
V and conveyor belts.
V belts – section: A, B, C, 3V, 5V.
Lubricants, Oils and Industrial Greases.
Epoxy and polyurethane paintings and solvents.
Stainless steel sheets 304, 316 Quality, 1/16” to 1/14”.
A-36 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 10’ 1/8” to 1 ½” thick Fe Sheets.
Bearings and retainers.
1/8” to 6”Steel pipe A-53, SCH 40, SCH 80.
½” to 6” Plastic Pipes and Accessories.
Thermoplastic Valves.
55 gallon capacity Plastic Drums, for packaging of chemical products.
Grey PVC sheets, several measures from 4 to 40mm thick.
Polyester resin, ready and upon request.
Stainless Steel Mesh, 316 different measures.
PE-200 de 60" x 60"Polyester Monofilament Fabric, 0.2 mm opening.
Metal bands, automatic close, spherical end.
PVC Thermoshrinkable bands.
Construction Materials.
Sheet and Cord Gaskets.
Electrical Materials and Accessories.
Hoses and Accessories.
Iron and Steel Bolts.
Iron Frames (Angles, platens, rods, beams).
Lined, Diaphragm Steel Valves.
Laboratory Reagents.
Cleaning Materials.
Mechanical Tools.
Painting Tools.
Welding Tools.
Office Supplies.
Security and Personal Protection Equipment.
cc20 de 0.51 x 1300 x 12000 mm. Teflon Covers.
20/30 mm. Activated Graphite.
15/20 mm. Activated Graphite.
1.3/8" x 380 mm. Copper Spindles.
N° 11 Steel Galvanized Wire.
Mechanical Stamps.
Silica Diode.
Nickel Piping.
45, 50, 68, 907 and 1,000 Bronze Valves for Chlorine Cylinders.
Plummer Block Seating Station.
Submarine Hoses.
PVC fixed and revolving flanges.
Industrial Gases (Nitrogen, acetylene, oxygen y propane).
Refrigerant Gas.
Toilet Fixtures Accessories.
Sewing Machine Accessories..
Tires for Cars and Heavy Machinery.
Electric Cables.
Rubber Sheets.
Fiberglass (fabric).
Continuous forms.
Expansion and damper joints