Quimpac International Trade
Principal Markets
Liquid Product Commercialization
Solid Product Commercialization
Salt Exports


QUIMPAC produces and commercializes chemical products. One of its main objectives aims at meeting the national and international demand with highly competitive products with regard to quality, price and timely delivery.

To achieve such goal QUIMPAC has implemented an adequate infrastructure with highly qualified professionals in order to offer specialized technical advisory to guarantee total satisfaction of all its customers’ needs.

QUIMPAC, whose important steady growth in the last ten years places it as a leader in the national market, devotes around 35% of its sales to the foreign market, relying on its two business units (chemicals and salts) and has established partnerships with distributors in charge of attending the export market efficiently.


QUIMPAC main international markets are Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and the United States.

QUIMPAC also exports to the rest of South American, Central American, Caribbean and Asian countries.

The main exported products are caustic soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, dicalcium phosphate, refined and deicing salt.


For the dispatch of its liquid products in bulk, QUIMPAC has two maritime buoy terminals located in the Oquendo beach – Callao, and another located on Paramonga, Barranca in the department of Lima - Perú. The advantages of this terminal are:

Direct loading to deep draught vessels (30,000 tons).
Loading speed over 200 tons per hour SHINC.
Minimum operation cost for ships.

By this means, QUIMPAC ships products such as caustic soda (Oquendo and Paramonga terminals), and calcium chloride (Paramonga terminal).

In addition. Quimpac's terminals have international certifications:

ISO 9001:2008 Quality certification.
ISPS code certification.
Special Port Facility certication.
Safety in the Port facility certification.


As per the commercialization of solid products,QUIMPAC ’s privileged location, with regard to the Peruvian port – Callao, located 15 minutes from the Oquendo plant, offers certain competitive advantages.

There is a flow of containers from and to the shipping terminal for all products destined to the different markets of Central and South America, as well as for the import of several materials needed for their production processes.

The main products QUIMPAC exports by this means are solid soda, dicalcium phosphate, table and industrial salt.



The salt (sodium chloride) for refining plants, chemical processes and deicing, destined to the East Coast of the USA, is exported from the Salinas de Otuma, located in Pisco, 280 km. south of Lima.

For this purpose, QUIMPAC uses the facilities of the General San Martin port, that offers operative advantages thanks to its closeness to the Salinas.

For these shipping operations QUIMPAC has implemented its own equipment and has a highly specialized staff available 24 hours. The operations, that include the attention of up to two ships a week, take place with low operation costs, with a shipping speed of up to 20,000 tons per day SHINC.